Oath of Office

Article I - Name

Article II - Jurisdiction, Membership and Eligibility to Office

Article III - Convention and Representation

Article IV - Officers, Delegates and Elections

Article V - Salaries and Expenses of Officers

Article VI - General President—Duties and Powers

Article VII - General Secretary-Treasurer—Duties and Powers

Article VIII - Trustees Audit Committee

Article IX - General Executive Board—Duties and Powers

Article X - Revenues, Bonding, Examination and Audits of Subordinate Bodies, and Disposition of Assets

Article XI - Finance Committee Duties

Article XII - Strikes, Lockouts, Wage Scales, Disputes Over Jurisdiction

Article XIII - Assistance to Local Unions

Article XIV - Charter Members and Meetings of Local Unions

Article XV - Joint Councils

Article XVI
- Conferences

Article XVII - Chartered Miscellaneous Local Unions

Article XVIII - Transfer and Withdrawal Cards

Article XIX - Trials and Appeals

Article XX - Dissolution

Article XXI - Labor Day

Article XXII - Local Unions

Article XXIII - Duties of Local Union Secretary-Treasurers

Article XXIV - Service of Process on International Union

Article XXV - Definition of Executive Board

Article XXVI - Teamsters Canada

Article XXVII - Saving Clauses